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A Response To God's Final Revelation

Signal Boost

Signal-boosting the Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) study on the effects of childhood trauma on long-term health & behavior. IT IS IMPORTANT and totally worth reading about if you haven't read about it already.

Hat tip: phedresidhe and midnight_sidhe, who posted about this earlier.

Seven Things Meme: Moral Luck

I never finished this meme, so I guess I'll try it now.  (And for clarification: I don't mean this to be a pointer to Woody Allen, who is an enormous jackass, or to anything that's happening in HRSFA right now. I found this Atlantic article last night, and woke up this morning with a rant in my head.)

Pretty much all I have to say about moral luck is said, better than I could, in this article here.

I think at one point when I was still in college, I shouted (at tilisokolov, no less) "I hate justice!" She was confused and horrified; I backpedaled.

But there's an extent to which that sentiment is true. Look at drawings of Justice and more often then not, she's carrying a sword. When we speak of "justice" (especially as opposed to "mercy") we're speaking of the desire to punish those who've done wrong. Not to deter or fix them but to hurt them, because they hurt others and somehow hurting them back will put the cosmic balance aright.

And so we execute war criminals, killers, rapists, those we've deemed not human but monster and we cheer and we love and we fetishize justice and we forget how lucky we are. But for the grace of God I surely believe I could have killed with the Nazis in 1942; I'm a child of my context, just like every Nazi criminal (and every drug dealer, murderer, child molester, rapist or racist or other kind of monster).

But we forget how much luck, how much damn happenstance, how many factors outside of anyone's control go into turning "monsters" into what they are -- we want to believe we're fundamentally different from them, we're better, we couldn't have been killing Jews in 1942. We want to hurt them and punish them, we want to fear and hate them -- because we fear and hate those parts of ourselves.

I think we all realize that there's not one of us who wouldn't become a monster in the proper context.

And if you, dear reader, haven't yet become a monster? If you, in your fair and innocent life, have never done something that deserves condemnation?

All I can say is you're very, very lucky.


It is a special, hard to explain, type of sadness when someone shines their sun on others but refuses to on you, and others exalt over the light you never get to see.


I am still mad amazed by this.

It was in Minnesota. MPR (Minnesota Public Radio) with host Tom Weber, on a show called the Daily Circuit.

Sorry I didn't tell anyone about this but I was actually totally convinced I was going to throw up and die on air, so only PicklePikkl got to know in advance.

I guess if you want to listen to it it's in that link up there but it's really mostly me saying obvious things about Net Neutrality and being on air with Ryan Radia, the associate director of Technology Studies at the Competitive Enterprise Institute (a Libertarian think tank).

I've got a LARP Resume now

It contains some spoilers.

Also I PLAYTESTED A LARP TODAY that I WROTE and IT DIDN'T SUCK. It only needs some minor tweaks before it is a Proper LARP now. It's 1.5 hours long, 3 men, 3 women and currently bears the title "On Display" (thanks to lord_codfish for that). If you're interested in what the hell this LARP, email me, I guess? I plan on running it again soon in New York.

Asian History Help!


For mysterious reasons, I'm looking to learn about artistic personalities in historical Asia. Specifically, I'm looking for historical Asian aesthetes, artists, etc who during their day caused "sensations" and were looked upon by those around them with moral suspicion. Outsize personalities preferred, pre-WWII references only.

For rough European and American equivalents, think Oscar Wilde, P.T. Barnum or Niccolo Paganini.

P.S. The Middle East counts as Asia.


NYC Mayor's Race

Does anyone have thoughts on it? So far I'm undecided, so your comments might just sway my vote. 

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